Cabin Rentals

Stay Overnight in a Beautiful Cabin

At Birchwood Bar & Lodge, we want you to feel as comfortable as you would in your own home.

We have 2 cabins on our property available to rent all year round. The first is a 2-bedroom on Third Lake with a sandy beach. It has 1 bathroom, a full kitchen, boat launch, and is completely furnished for your convenience.

The second has 3 bedrooms and is on Moen Lake. It has 1 bathroom, a full kitchen, access to a boat launch, fully furnished, and is 10 feet away from the waterfront.

Available All Year Round

If you’re interested in renting a cabin from us, call us for availability and pricing as prices do change from season to season.

Although our cabins can be rented on a daily basis, the usual length is a week from one Saturday to the next.

20% OFF

Rent both cabins
and receive 20% off the full price.
  • Prices vary year round.